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June 2021

Software Services

CI as a Service (Pilot)

We consider Continuous Integration (CI) an important aspect in a modern software engineering workflow. Easy-to-use CI resources should be available for all Helmholtz scientists. Beside the Helmholtz-wide GitLab many Helmholtz centers run their own GitLab instances on dedicated infrastructure in their center. In order to bundle resources and enable research software projects to easily use CI for their projects, CI will be offered as a service. In this milestone, we will set up CI as a Service and test it first with few pilot centers, in order to make it available to all Helmholtz communities.

Software Services

Publish training program for the second half of 2021

The education and training work package publishes the offered training events for the second half of 2021 on

December 2021

Cloud Services

Cloud Service Process Manual

The cloud service portfolio process framework will be agreed upon and will be used for the maintenance and further strengthening of the service portfolio.

Software Services

Conceptualize Binder / ShinyR Integration into GitLab

Allowing scientists or reviewers to easily interact with computational environments can be considered a key aspect for reproducible and easy-to-use research software. Integrating tools like Binder or ShinyR into the Helmholtz-wide GitLab will allow scientists to easily make their research software product available to others without the need for installing and configuring tools locally. In this milestone, a concept will be elaborated on how this integration may be realized.


January 2022

Cloud Services

Review of Initial Cloud Service Portfolio

The initial set of cloud services will be reviewed. The results will enter the annual HIFIS report and further service portfolio maintenance.