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Picture of Guelzow, Volker
DESY / Guelzow, Volker Coordinator and Speaker of HIFIS
Picture of Finke, Ants
HZB / Finke, Ants Coordinator
Picture of Konrad, Uwe
HZDR / Konrad, Uwe Coordinator
Picture of Jandt, Uwe
DESY / Jandt, Uwe HIFIS Office Management
Picture of Fuhrmann, Patrick
DESY / Fuhrmann, Patrick Backbone Cluster Management
Picture of Klotz, Andreas
HZB / Klotz, Andreas Cloud Cluster Management
Picture of Spicker, Annette
HZB / Spicker, Annette Cloud Cluster Management
Picture of Huste, Tobias
HZDR / Huste, Tobias Software Cluster Management

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